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by TRS

The TRS professional audio co., LTD., engineering, hand in hand into the known as the "landscape jiatianxia guilin" yangshuo west street "millennium song nest" KTV.Shengshi song nest KTV is located in the beautiful environment of yangshuo county, adjacent to the west civilization of the world!Bustling streets, the multinational culture elements, make "prosperity" open-minded character of joy!
Its decorate a style to luxury, fashion, comfortable give priority to.Let every one in the prosperous time song nest guest, has not generally enjoy, hi to the beat, let workers relax with fast rhythm, is a good place for friends.Along with the cheerful music and brilliant lights intertwined, let a person as absorbed in joy partty, let people linger...
In order to ensure that sound perfect effect, create a good atmosphere.In line with to the "quality" as the starting point to customer intimate feelings as the center, achieve excellence.Part of the box have adopted the TRS professional audio.In audio equipment, choose the high cost performance and wireless microphone MC AD - 6210-8000, a distortion is extremely low, directivity is broad, the timbre is exquisite soft, good transient response, release the perfect acoustics.Let the customer feel free pleasure of seeing and hearing, let you drunk in the passion of High song happy time!

The TRS professional audio twelve years of industry experience, professional sales team and has created a mature technology strength.Ling jie has been sticking to create suitable for Chinese singing throat feeling of professional equipment system, and committed to the brand, quality, professional, service!


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