Sichuan suining Jin Manlou hotel



by TRS

Jin Manlou hotel is located in the sichuan suining city ship mountainous area, the transportation is convenient, the hotel covers an area of nearly 3000 square, can accommodate 2000 people at the same time is up, is a larger scale of a local hotel.
Jin Manlou hotel with advanced design concept, fashionable and pure and fresh interiors, with professional audio equipment and the grandeur of the field effect, won the customer's consistent approval.
Here, is not only a wedding party with friends and family, but also a good place for a couple of friends sit idle afternoon sun lazy.
In terms of acoustics product configuration: hotel lobby all adopt the ling jie cool rodek (kuledy) KF - 15 (28) high-end entertainment artifact, collocation of LA (14) professional power amplifier,

To release the perfect acoustics.Customer satisfaction is our motivation.


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