12” two-way full-range speaker

The T series uses advanced horn technology to help distribute the sound evenly over the coverage area, reducing the acoustic staining that occurs at the horn edge, making the sound more natural and more layered.

Standard devices include Speakon, plus built-in standard speaker bracket jacks and a variety of built-in speaker lifting points. All of these performance features ensure that the T Series is stable and durable.

The T series design consists of three two-way full-range speakers and is a speaker product specifically designed for sound reinforcement applications in entertainment venues such as KTV, nightclubs, and clubs. The speaker units are all custom-made by Celestion. While ensuring high-fidelity sound quality, the stability of the unit itself is greatly improved, a suitable balance point is found in high-fidelity sound quality and large dynamic playback, so as to achieve a large volume condition. It also guarantees consistent high-fidelity sound quality. In addition, the cabinet design also takes into account fixed installations and mobile performances. It is equipped with multiple drop-off points and provides a variety of hanging methods for fixed installations.

T-12 two-way full range speaker

Speaker unit composition: Low frequency: 12” × 1; high frequency: 1” × 1

Frequency response: 65 Hz –:20 kHz / ± 3dB;

Coverage angle: 90° × 60° (rotatable)

Power (continuous/peak): 350W / 1200W

Maximum sound pressure level (continuous/peak): 122dB / 128dB

Frequency division point: 2kHz

Nominal impedance: 8 Ω

Connector: NL4 × 2, terminal block ports

Size (height × width × depth): 552 × 406 × 368 mm

Net weight: 18.3kg


• Suitable for mobile shows or fixed installation applications

• Rotatable convergence oval horn

• Speakon NL4 female

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